Trijnie’s paintings are characterized by thick layers of paint, mixed with sand and pigments. Sometimes transparant layers lie on top of it. It is not just the colours, it is also the structure that is formed in this way that is important.

Of course, the drawings in charcoal and chalk are made in a different way. Areas formed by charcoal as if by painting, make up the composition, and lines drawn over it clearly bear the character of drawing.

Some works are composed of collages, using a mixed media technique.

The dimension of her work may lie between 30 and 180 cm, usually in portrait orientation.


Trijnie is fascinated by the beauty that can arise during natural processes of decomposition, this process stands out as source of inspiration; an old oak leaf, nothing left but its nervature; a rusty peace of iron or a moss-covered piece of wood; houses on the edge of falling apart. The atmosphere is created by abstract surfaces, such as can be seen in the series of works on oak leaves with their weathered and half decomposed forms.

Her work is not finished until it shows a character filled with intensity.

Because of this, a painting mostly undergoes a long process of working and reworking. Yet, occasionally a simple sketch, be it in paint or in chalk, will do.

Whatever is done, the composition remains harmonic.